Have you always felt different, like you don’t belong? Have you often felt like you were adopted into the wrong family, or you have never felt “at home” anywhere? If yes, you may be a Starseed Soul. You have a special mission you came here to do and your chart holds the key to uncover your Starseed markings, where your soul comes from in the universe, and who your Star Family is. Are you ready to unlock the door?


You are eligible to purchase this Astral Starseed DNA Activation once you’ve had a Starseed Ancestry Reading completed by Jai Gobind. In this personalized activation, you will astral travel through the universe to meet your starseed family and alchemically activate your starseed mission. You will love the power of Jai’s meditative voice and the beautiful music to take you on this powerful multidimensional journey through the stars.


This Basic Birth Chart Reading is the best place to start if you’ve never had your chart read or if you want to understand the basics of your personality. This reading will give you the nuts and bolts of who you are, how you present yourself, what you truly desire, how you make decisions, what is your thinking style, how you process your emotions, what is your life purpose and what lessons you are here to learn and heal from. This reading is a great stepping stone to understanding how to best use your skills and gifts.


This type of reading puts your own natal chart and the chart of another person of your choice in comparison to each other. You can then see things like, how compatible you are, what attracts you to each other, what are the biggest challenges in the relationship, how can you best communicate with each other, and if this relationship is going to serve you best. You will also be able to see if there are karmic or past live lessons being activated by the relationship. I would love to add that this is typically the kind of reading you would get with a love partner but you can certainty look at the synastry between mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, fathers and sons, etc. If you want help understanding how you and another can best understand and interact with each other this is the reading for you.


This reading is a live consult on Zoom with Jai Gobind. We will look at the astrological composite chart of you and another person who you are in a current relationship with. This person is welcome to join you in this live consult. ~YOU MUST HAVE EXACT TIME OF BIRTH FOR BOTH PEOPLE – NO EXCEPTIONS~. The composite chart is created from the merged energies (midpoints) of the two souls (planets). I will cover the basics of the conscious relationship, mutual desires, drive, starseed markings, divine purpose of the relationship, past karmic lessons and gifts. I will go over what the healing is you are both doing together and how the current transits are affecting the relationship. This reading will give you guidance as to your purpose and destiny together, what you came here to do together. Please contact me if you have any questions before booking


This reading is a live consult on zoom with Jai Gobind. We will look at your chart as well as the current transits and how they are affecting you. If you are dealing with a problem, if you need advice on a certain situation, or area of life such as self, money, siblings, communication, home, creativity, work, relationships, transformation and change, spirituality, career, friends and your divine self, this reading will illuminate how this area of life is being affected by the current astrology. I will also take a look at your progressed chart which will tell me the BIG THEME or what phase of your life you are in right now, and what it is, on a bigger scale, you are essentially experiencing. This reading will give you a lot of perspective and give you insight as to how to navigate life moving forward.


If you want to know what the year ahead is bringing for you this is the reading to get. This reading is a comprehensive astrology reading where you will meet live on zoom with Jai for about 90minutes. She will look at your natal chart, your progressed chart (the evolution of your soul up to this point), the most significant transits for the year, including eclipses, conjunctions and powerful shifts in the energy in relationship to your chart. You will be able to see how the year ahead will unfold, how to best organize your energy, where to focus your action, and how to prepare. Jai will also look at major life cycles such as Saturn return, Chiron return and Uranus opposition that mark big shifts in our lives.